Planning Center People Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Planning Center App Tutorial

Iphone, Andriod, other smart devices.

Planning Center Check-In App setup for smartphones and tablets

Getting started with the Planning Center Check-In app from download to Station setup.

Planning Center Music Stand

Shows you how to use Planning Center Music Stand for your music on your tablet.

Planning Center Live and Google Chromecast

Just a quick tip on how to run a timer and to also see what's next in your service using chromecast and planning center.

What's New in Android Accessibility (Google I/O '17)

Come hear what is new in Android for accessibility! Learn about new additions in the next version of Android, and hear about new APIs that developers can use to create experiences to make apps...

PCO Services: Scheduling Tour

Take a tour of how PCO Services can help any church team leader organize and schedule their teams.

Services - Auto Scheduling

Auto-scheduling will automatically fill in needed positions based off of who hasn't been scheduled the longest, taking conflicts, block-out dates, and scheduling preferences into consideration...

5 Trends in Event Mobile Apps

This video is brought to you by Event Manager Blog, in partnership with Nomadic Uno event app, rock your events (

Planning Your Holiday Season | Calendar | The Apps Show

The holiday season is upon us and like every year, it will be busy at work and at home. John and Debbie share their tips to plan a successful end of 2014 with Google Calendar. --------------------...

VideoWill - an Estate & Funeral Planning app - by Zapalony (Video Will)

Now on the App Store. For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. From saying the song you want at your end of life celebration, to storing your end of life plans and documents and social media details,...

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